Draft and negotiate contracts in a matter of clicks

Standard Draft accelerates the process of reaching agreement. Select one of our contract forms and configure it for your transaction in a collaborative two-sided workflow.

31 Days

Average cycle for a routine contract to be negotiated among surveyed corporate legal departments.

~$7k / Basic Contract

Average cost to businesses of processing and reviewing a basic everyday contract.

89% Unsatisfied

Amount of surveyed organizations that don’t view their contracting process as “very effective.”

At Standard Draft, we're building a better way...

Reach agreement rapidly,
not painfully

Standard Draft reduces the friction and eliminates the frustration in documenting a contract.

Standard, neutral baseline

Don’t debate which side’s contract form to use. Start with a standard, neutral form instead.

Premium quality

Our contract forms are drafted and vetted by forward-thinking lawyers from leading law firms, law schools, and companies.


“One size fits all” doesn’t work for everyone. Configure key contract points to suit your transaction.

Simple interface

Our intuitive interface showcases all drafting choices to let you craft a contract with ease.

Refreshing transparency

Typically, contract issues are buried in long text. Now, each side’s drafting choices are clearly indicated to the other.

End-to-end solution

Draft, review, negotiate, and sign on one unified platform. No more bouncing between emails, doc versions and more.


Streamline your contracts in
3 simple steps


Select a Standard Form & Customize

Select your Standard Draft contract form to ensure that both parties start from a balanced and neutral baseline. If the Standard Draft default version doesn’t do the trick, our modular draft builder allows you to customize the contract where needed.

Proposer is selecting a form from a list of templates to begin customizing.
Proposer and Responder are customizing a contract.


Each party sees the other side’s drafting choices alongside the other Standard Draft options. Need to modify the contract?

Simply click another option. 


Standardized contracts. Streamlined process.
Better results.

Today’s process of drafting and negotiating complex contracts is broken.
We’re building a better way, starting with NDAs.


Premium Quality



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Status Quo


Endless ping-pong of contract negotiations.

Standard Draft


Clear, linear workflow to negotiate contract terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

A “flexible” standard contract – how does that work?

When it comes to complex contracts, we believe that “one-size-fits-all standardization” is a tough sell. Instead, Standard Draft takes a “soft standardization” approach of combining: (1) standard form contracts as a starting point, (2) drafting options to customize the contract when needed, and (3) a software solution for efficient two-sided drafting and negotiating using Standard Draft’s forms and drafting options.

We expect that most contract workflows will be as easy as “let’s agree to the Standard Draft neutral version.” But our flexible approach allows Standard Draft to be a great option even when unique facts, drafting preferences, or negotiation dynamics are present.

Learn more here.

When can I start using Standard Draft?

We’re in closed beta for the drafting and deployment of the Standard Draft NDA. Please let us know if you’re interested in supporting our NDA efforts. We expect the Standard Draft NDA and Standard Draft’s two-sided drafting and negotiating software solution to be publicly released soon. Additional Standard Draft form contracts will follow.

Who’s creating the standardized contracts?

The Standard Draft forms, along with their corresponding drafting options, are being created by a team with decades of experience at leading AmLaw law firms including Cooley, Gibson Dunn, Latham & Watkins, and Paul Hastings. We’re assembling a cross-sector committee of lawyers and other leaders to assist in our efforts. Please let us know if you’re interested.

How much will Standard Draft cost?

Standard Draft will be competitively priced for a la carte contract workflow usage and subscription usage (contract workflows up to a maximum threshold or unlimited contract workflows).

How does Standard Draft secure my data?

Standard Draft implements industry standard best practices when storing and securing your data. Strong data storage security policies, protected interfaces, and monitored access controls ensure your privacy.

Can I integrate Standard Draft into my workflow?

Absolutely. We’re building Standard Draft to reduce and eliminate the most frustrating parts of the current contract workflow, but we’re mindful of the needs of lawyers and contract users. For example, at each step of the drafting and negotiation process on Standard Draft, users can download the in-progress contract in familiar formats like Microsoft Word and PDF. If there are any integrations that are particularly important to you, please let us know.